Fiber Arts Ministries at First

Whether you like to sew, knit, or crochet, there are plenty of ways you can show others love through our fiber arts ministries here at First United Methodist Church.

Itch’n to Stitch



What is Itch’n to Stitch?

Itch’n to Stitch loves sewing as a service to others. Since 2013, we have made quilts for newborns and veterans in our congregation and donated blankets, quilts, and bags, created walker bags, baby hats, and so much more to organizations from Children’s Mercy to The Alliance Against Family Violence and everything in-between.


Join Itch’n to Stitch

 We meet the 3rd Thursday of each month in Fellowship Hall at 1:30.  If you like to sew and/or quilt, come join us!


Request a Quilt

Are you or someone in the congregation that you know expecting a baby? Are you a veteran? Would you like a quilt?

Request a Quilt

Prayer Mantle Ministry


What is Prayer Mantle Ministry?

Prayer Mantles are tangible evidence of prayers to those in need of comfort, peace, and spiritual support during times of sickness and loss. The prayer mantle is intended as a reminder of the church’s continued love and concern for the recipient. Whenever the person is sick, injured, or grieving, the person is encouraged to wrap up in the mantle and thus feel God’s love and strength emanating from the mantle. God’s love never ends, and the church’s love and concern continue through the prayer mantle over time and through multiple needs.


Join Prayer Mantle Ministry

If you’re interested in helping knit or crochet prayer mantles to give away, email us by clicking the button below.

Join Prayer Mantle Ministry


Request a Prayer Mantle

We give prayer mantles to those who are hospitalized, who have experienced a significant loss, who are critically ill. Please let us know if you would like a prayer mantle

Request a Prayer Mantle

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