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News from your church family:

The Leavenworth Community has great educational institutions in the Leavenworth School District 453, Lansing School District 469, and the Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC) Pioneer Career Center. The First United Methodist Church recognizes the struggles of teachers in the classroom to ensure they have all of the material and capability to adequately educate our children, grandchildren, and others in need of education.

The Leavenworth Public School Education Foundation was formed as a way of supporting educational efforts in the Leavenworth community that might not otherwise become a reality. The Lansing Educational Foundation enhances the excellence in the learning environment in partnership with the schools and the community. The KCKCC Pioneer Career Center is helping to close the gap in skilled trades by educating all ages in career fields that support manufacturing, construction, repair services, domestic services and other trade organizations within our community.
First United Methodist Church of Leavenworth, KS set goals for connecting with our community and growing young. We are focusing our efforts on the transformation of our community with a continuous concerted effort for transforming the world. As a local church, we must look at our neighborhood and the community closest to us to ensure we share our abundance with them as a priority. The school foundations and career center provide the donated funds directly to the classroom so that it directly benefits the students. Building this relationship with the teachers, the students, and the parents is our way to witness for the Lord. These connections with the younger generations will help ensure the future of faith in our community. These relationships truly matter.
We contributed some of our apportionment this year to these three organizations as a gift to the students of our community. The
appreciation on the faces of those receiving these contributions was a pure delight. Our faith community is reaching out to our schools in a way that they need in order for our children, grandchildren, and those needing education to receive direct benefits to their futures. Those generations that gave before us are greatly enhancing our current capabilities and now we give to the future generations from the prosperity that we have enjoyed.
Thank you for your generosity and may God Bless us all.

First United Methodist Church of Leavenworth